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Oracle ORA-29275 Partial Multi-Byte Error
Occasionally partial data is stored in the oracle database due to loading or character set errors. When selecting these records, Oracle will throw ORA-29275 Partial multibyte character error. If due to character set issue, CONVERT function can be used to convert to proper character set.
Export On-Prem Oracle Database and Import Into RDS Using Datapump
Use datapump to export database schemas, xfer them to RDS with DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER and import into RDS.
Migrating On-Prem Oracle DB to AWS RDS Using Datapump
Initial steps to be completed for a successful oracle database move from on-prem to AWS RDS. Create users, tablespaces, profiles and any system triggers as required on-prem.
MySQL Dropping Tables and Databases
Drop MySQL databases and tables. Shell script to prepare drop statements by database. Occasionally, Foreign keys prevent dropping tables - set foreign_key_checks = 0 before dropping and set it back to 1 afterwards.
SQLLDR Options
Oracle SQL*Loader is an often used utility in ETL (Load part) to load data into the database from flat files - either delimited or positional.
SQLLDR Sample Files
Oracle SQL*Loader is an often used utility in ETL (Load part) to load data into the database from flat files - either delimited or positional. Few sample control files with variety of options here
Oracle Interval Partitioning - Find High Value
Using ALL_TAB_PARTITIONS view to extract high value from partitions
Oracle Interval Partitions
Sample INTERVAL partition scripts by month, hours and number range


SHELL-DATE: Check for Last Day of the Month
Simple date command to check for last day of the month
Monthly Extract Files Monitoring and Transfer Script
Script to monitor monthly extracts and kick off the transfer program. Compare files created against the control list, verify record count for each file is greater than mininum allowed as well as field counts. If all conditions are met, transfer program is kicked off, else an email sent to users notifying the status of the job.
Scheduling Jobs With Crontab
Use cron to schedule jobs to run at specific intervals. Use incron to monitor for new files and take action.
Managing Multiple Shell and Sql Job Runs
Having to manage multiple shell scripts and SQL scripts to be run at specific times can be hard. A single crontab schedule can be done to run every minute and control the jobs within that script. However, SQL scripts needed their own shell scripts and the number of scripts to maintain keeps growing. This script simplify the process by performing: 1. Check if the job is already running. If not, start it. 2. Manage the log files - create an archive for each job and keep an old copy when hit a specific size. 3. Run the job - if its a SQL script, run the script by invoking sqlplus. 4. Check for ORA- errors, and based on mail settings, notify users.
Setting Up LAMP Server at Home
Steps in setting up an UBUNTU 18.04 LAMP server at home. Install sshd, add raid disks and samba for home sharing.